increase blog traffic with pinterest

In case you haven’t heard or you’re not logging on to Pinterest everyday (like me), Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend!

Pinterest has around 150 million users worldwide, 45 percent of them being women who use the app to “plan out their life”, according to Hootsuite.

From planning weekly meals for their family, pinning ideas for their upcoming wedding and even mapping out their path for a future career, woman across the globe are relying on Pinterest for ideas and advice.

Want your posts to be noticed on Pinterest? Here are some simple tips that will help your blog posts get pinned and seriously increase traffic to your site!

Set Up a Business Account on Pinterest

You want readers to know you’re in business right? A verified business account lets them know you are a trustworthy source and they can turn to your pins for great content.

Setting up a business account on Pinterest gives you a number of advantages that you don’t get with just a personal account. The biggest advantage? Pinterest Analytics!

With Pinterest Analytics you are able to see what posts from your blog are getting pinned, how many people are pinning them and you can see the interests (other pins) of your pinners. This is all valuable information that you can use for future blog posts and your business.

Create Pin-Worthy Images For Your Blog Posts

Pinterest is all about images! When a reader pins your blog post, they have to choose a photo from your post to save. Your image has to stand out and look professional if you want to get noticed on Pinterest.

Images that stand out on Pinterest usually include a background photo and a graphic title. Colourful images are a plus and vertical images work well because they appear larger.

With a little experimentation and practice you can create amazing “pin-worthy” images for your blog. Try out Canva or PicMonkey, they’re free photo-editing websites that are easy to use!

Don’t forget to enable rich pins for your site too!

Make It Easy for Readers to Pin Your Posts

Don’t make your readers jump through hoops just to pin your blog post! Make it super easy for them by adding a Pin-It button to your site.

I know when I finish reading a great blog post or article, I immediately start scanning the page for a Pin-It button so I can save the post for later. Your readers will thank you for installing it and you’ll get many more pins with it as well.

Check the settings of the blogging platform or website builder that you use to find out how install a Pin-It button.

Organize Your Boards

Now I know you probably weren’t planning on making only one board and throwing all your blog posts in there but just in case…organize your Pinterest boards!

You should have your blog posts separated into categories and have a board for each category with a clear title that will catch the attention of readers.

Taking it a step further, you should place your most popular boards in the first few spaces so they are easily seen. If you have seasonal boards, like a Valentine’s Day series of posts say, you can move those boards to the top in February and when the season is over you can move them back again.


Have you started working on a Pinterest account for your blog or business yet?

how to increase blog traffic with pinterest